This background information is provided to help users understand the purpose of Planet ThinkSafe (PTS) and its history. Hopefully users will see through this understanding that PTS:

  • is an evolving educational resource that you are encouraged to visit regularly;
  • will benefit from contributions by its users: students and teachers; and
  • actively encourages students to show their work and discuss their learning with parents, all of whom have knowledge and experience that help bring real-life scenarios to their child's learning.

Some sections have links to additional information. There is also a link to send an email to the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator, which you are encouraged to use for any questions, suggestions or problems.


SafetyLine is provided as a resource for people wishing to further their knowledge about health and safety. Provided by WorkSafe WA, SafetyLine has three educational arms: Planet ThinkSafe, SmartMove (aimed at senior secondary students) and SafetyLine Institute (for formal and informal studies aimed at tertiary institutions and work place environments). 

Early History of PTS

Thinking and being safe at school, home and in the community has been one of the focus areas of WorkSafe Western Australia since mid-1990s and included a strong media campaign featuring West Coast Eagles star Glen Jakovich. At this time WorkSafe's involvement in educational programs and provision of resources for primary schools increased. 

PTS review and survey

The most recent review of Planet ThinkSafe, including its direction and website, took place in 2012. A small sample of schools assisted with this by responding to a short online survey. The review has resulted in a significant changes and the survey continues to be active as further feedback will help guide future planning. Please contribute by clicking on the heading in the margin.

PTS Purpose

To provide online interactive and cross-curricular resources that promote a positive attitude towards, and help develop the skills and habits to be, safe and healthy and at school, home and in the community.

PTS Direction

PTS moved in a new direction following the 2012 review. With the introduction of the Australian curriculum, constantly changing technologies and the expectation of students becoming life-long learners with 21st Century skills, the demands on teachers and students in primary schools continue to be high.

PTS aims to provide support to ease the pressure of these demands by:

  • ·integrating safety and related aspects of health as widely as possible across the Australian curriculum;
  • ·documenting links with the curriculum as it becomes available, particularly Health and Physical Education;
  • ·providing self-paced, guided learning activities that engage and educate students through as many real-life scenarios as possible;
  • ·providing activities that develop skills of life-long learners, including those of enquiry and critical thinking;
  • ·encouraging students to follow up with independent reinforcement and extension activities; and
  • ·utilising elearning technology in a way that it will be able to adapt easily and efficiently as it develops.

Click to email the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator.

Please contact the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator if you have questions, suggestions or problems relating to this website.

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