Planet ThinkSafe (PTS) aims to encourage students to work independently through its online courses. However, students will need support for some activities and they will learn most effectively when the online topics are supported by explicit teaching and additional activities that are relevant scenarios in their local environment. Students' needs may be identified by monitoring their progress through the courses and assessments, and through discussions and additional role play activities.

The online courses and useful links promote safety and well being through cross-curricular activities and links to other organisations and websites. The purpose of these links is twofold: to provide one location that is easy for teachers and students to access safety related online resources; and endeavouring to keep information current and relevant. Every effort is made to ensure that content on external websites is age appropriate. To this end, any videos that have been used are embedded into courses after copyright permission has been received, rather than link to YouTube or similar websites. Please contact the PTS Coordinator using the links provided at the bottom of this page and on other pages throughout the site if you have any concerns.

A key aspect of the education programs of both WorkSafe WA and PTS is the consistent approach to safety. At all times, the recommended safety steps are:

Spot the hazard

Assess the risk

Make the changes.

And remember to check: Did the changes work?

In PTSthese steps are referred to as ThinkSafe SAM's Safety Steps. As part of the review and reflection stage of each course, a blank template is provided for students to print and complete. There are PDF documents for some topics that have not had courses developed as yet. Teachers are encouraged to use the PDF documents as a starting point, and the blank template that is also provided to adapt them to suit the age and environment of the students. The PDF documents, including the blank template, are provided in the Useful Links/Other Safety Aspects section of the website.

Some of the activities external websites use Flash and this software is not compatible with some computers and devices. If you experience this problem and Flash cannot be installed, PTS suggests downloading and using Puffin Browser. Further information is available in the Links section of this website.

When schools or classes register with Planet ThinkSafe, a return email will provide a link to an administration console. Whilst some of the administrative tasks can be done in Moodle, the console makes things such as enrolling students in courses in their class groups, releasing courses at preferred times of the year, grading activities (a number are also graded automatically), monitoring the progress of students throughout their Primary School years, and changing class/student/teacher information much easier. When schools/classes register, a school employee must be nominated as the school coordinator. This person will be the main contact for PTS and will have a higher level of permissions so that additional administrative tasks can be completed 'in-house', using the console. Like the Planet ThinkSafe website, the console is web-based and provided to schools free of charge by WorkSafe WA.

Teachers are encouraged to view all of the information that is accessible using the links in the orange navigation bar above the PTS banner, including the Purpose and Direction, which are in the Background section. However, detailed information about the courses is only available after registration. Teachers are also invited to ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback and forward other useful resources to the PTS Coordinator by email. Please use the link is provided below and on other pages throughout the site.

Email the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator

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