Early History of PTS

Some of the highlights of Planet ThinkSafe (PTS) and its preceding forms include:

  • Safety Rules OK - First launched in Narrogin in 1995 with Kidsafe, the program spread state wide from 1996 through the combined efforts of Rotary clubs, service providers and government departments.
  • ThinkSafe SAM - Introduced in 1996, ThinkSafe SAM quickly became another well known face of the program and he had a very clear message of:
    • Spot the hazard
    • Assess the risk
    • Make the changes
  • The ThinkSafe Club; and
  • Safety Week in Schools, in conjunction with the Kidsafe, Department of Education WA and Department of Health WA.

Useful PDF documents have been created throughout these periods. They have been updated and are included below as they may be helpful for activities with students or for general reference. Please note, teachers are encouraged to use the PDF documents as a starting point, and use the blank template that is provided to to adapt them to suit the age and environment of the students.

The documents may also be accessed via the Useful Links/Other Safety Aspects link. 

  • SAM's Approach to Hazards - Blank template:
MS Word Version PDF Version
  • At Home:
General Safety  Bathroom  Kitchen
  • At School
Classroom Verandahs and Corridors


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