This section provides an overview of the Planet ThinkSafe courses, with a chapter for each age group: Lower, Middle and Upper Primary. There are also sub-chapters, each of which contains information about content and learning activities in lessons.

Each course has several lessons, including an introductory quiz that gives students an opportunity to assess their prior knowledge and a final quiz that may be used as a final assessment task. Teachers are able to view the results of these quizzes - and other tasks - for each student, providing the class has been registered via the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator. A link to register a class or school is provided on the Home page.

The time that it takes to complete lessons will vary. Users will be able to stop and resume a lesson at a later time providing they use the buttons provided at the bottom of each page to navigate from one page to the next as this automatically saves their work.

When students start a new topic they should read the News section first. It is also recommended that students complete the first three lessons in order. The middle lessons may be completed in any order. The final three lessons, Reflection, Challenges and Final Quiz, should be completed in order to conclude the course.

There is a separate chapter that has links to external websites with useful resources for other aspects of safety.