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Being SunSmart - MP

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Lesson 1: What do you know? A quiz to help users identify some of their prior knowledge. Teachers will also be able to see the result if they have registered their school/class.
Lesson 2: How and Why This lesson reinforces how and why we need to protect ourselves from the sun. The Sid the Seagull video from the Cancer Council is featured as students are encouraged to 'slip, slop, slap, seek and slide.' As for the Lower Primary course, some data showing the number of people diagnosed with skin cancers is provided.
Lesson 3: Experiment Time Students have to complete an experiment in which they see how different materials affect the damage done on 'skin' when left in the sun for an hour. Thankfully, it doesn't use our skin! It is best to do the experiment when the UV level is very high or extreme. Some teacher or parental help will be needed, especially with getting the materials organised. 
Copyright Attribution: Bureau of Meteorology Lesson 4: Understanding UV In this lesson, different types of UV and vitamin D are explained briefly. Reading UV Charts and Alerts is again a focus, with links to websites where these are available. There are also links Internet sites for you to use to download UV Alert apps for Android and Smartphone devices. These can also be found in the Links section of Planet ThinkSafe.
Lesson 5: Time Counts Being able to tell the time is important for people to stay safe in the sun so this activity helps users to practise telling the time using analogue and digital clocks. The same four levels of difficulty are provided by getting users to tell or set the time to different intervals: hour, half and quarter hour and five minutes. This helps them build on previous efforts by completing more levels, with quicker times.
Lesson 6: The Sun, UV and Myths This lesson explains myths and highlights some that relate to looking after ourselves in the sun. Not everything we hear is true. Students will use Cancer Council information to complete an activity, to make sure the information is current and they have the facts.
Lesson 7: People Who Help There are a lot of people who work behind the scenes to research, give us information and help us at all stages of sun protection/prevention and whenever treatment is required. In this lesson, students are encouraged to find out more and links they may find helpful are provided.
Lesson 8: Sand, Water, Snow This lesson explains that UV may damage our skin when we don't expect it to as it reflects off some surfaces and is stronger at high altitudes. Therefore we may need to use sun protection strategies in a lot of different situations, even in the middle of winter!
Lesson 9: Reflection Students are asked to think back on the lessons covered in this course and to identify some things they have learnt. They have to type some brief points in text boxes to complete this activity.
Lesson 10: Fun Things and Links Activities that will help students reinforce and build upon their learning are included in this lesson. Students are encouraged to complete a word search, crack a code and Beat the Clock, an activity that will take them to a website which is external to Planet ThinkSafe.
Lesson 11: Final Quiz This quiz is the final assessment piece for this course. Students will be given feedback at the end of the quiz, helping them to use it as assessment for learning. They can repeat the quiz and the best score will be recorded.

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