Middle Primary

Online Learning Intro - MP

This course has seven lessons, plus a News section. The news has instructions on how to get started.

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Lesson 1: What do you know? This 10-question quiz helps users identify some of their prior knowledge. Some questions are based on learning from the Lower Primary course, but there are others too! Teachers will also be able to see the result if they have registered their school/class.
Lesson 2: Ready, Set, Go! There are two activities in this lesson, both with the purpose of introducing traditional activities that can now be done online. As this course has a language/words theme, the first activity is a survey of users to see who their favourite authors are. A little online research - links are provided - may help. The second activity is to read an ebook and explore this use of technology a little.
Lesson 3: Needing Netiquette Ten points that are important for students to remember when working online are highlighted in this lesson. Using correct grammar and spelling, understanding the impact of no body language and their 'digital footprint' are examples. Students are also reminded to tell a teacher, parent or other trusted adult if something they read of see online makes them feel uncomfortable.
Lesson 4: Watch Your Language This lesson provides a short introduction to some of the ways English language has changed, from words that are rarely used now to some word origins and  'text talk.' There are links to external websites that provide more information or specific examples of ways words have changed. This lesson has several sections in which information/explanation is followed by some questions that provide a specific context.
Lesson 5: You Have a Message This is an 'information' only lesson: it explains where/how users will be able to see any messages in Planet ThinkSafe but does not have any activities.
Lesson 6: Ghosting a Glossary Users are introduced to an online glossary, but instead of using words and definitions, they use authors and book titles. The glossary is a feature of Moodle and students registered by their school will be able to see information that is posted by others in their class.
Lesson 7: Online Intro Quiz This quiz is the final assessment piece for this course. Feedback is given at the end of the quiz, helping students use it as assessment for learning. They can repeat the quiz and the best score will be recorded.

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