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Being SunSmart-LP

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Lesson 1: What do you know? A quiz to help users identify some of their prior knowledge. Teachers will also be able to see the result if they have registered their school/class.
Lesson 2: How and Why This lesson is broken into 2 parts. 'How' highlights the 'slip, slop, slap, seek and slide' approach to sun protection highlighted by the Cancer Council's 'Sid the Seagull' video. 'Why' explains the damage that may occur and includes diagrams giving an explanation of the number of people diagnosed with skin cancers.
Lesson 3: Research Time The task is to observe and record people in the sun to see what sort of hat they are wearing (if they are). Some teacher/parental guidance will be needed to find a suitable location, time of day, and length of observation time.
Lesson 4: Time Counts Being able to tell the time is important for people to stay safe in the sun so this activity helps users to practise telling the time using analogue and digital clocks. Four levels of difficulty are provided by getting users to tell or set the time to different intervals: hour, half and quarter hour and five minutes. 
Copyright Attribution: Bureau of Meteorology Lesson 5: UV The lesson explains what ultraviolet (UV) is, where it comes from and the scale (index) used to measure it. The Bureau of Meteorology's UV Graph and the UV Alert are key parts of the lesson. A quiz is provided at the end to help reinforce and gauge students' learning.
Lesson 6: Rating for Protection The ratings that indicate the level of protection provided for sunscreens, clothes and sunglasses are explained in this lesson. Some strategies to increase the level of sun protection using these items are also given, along with links to the Cancer Council website for extra information.
Copyright attribution: SunSmart and Cancer Council Victoria Lesson 7: Your School There is a questionnaire for students to complete about their school, to help them decide how well their school promotes sun protection and being a 'SunSmart' school. Students registered by their school in class groups will be able to see a summary of their class' results. This will provide a good starting point for discussion.
Lesson 8: Overseas Visitors Students complete a questionnaire to show what they would tell someone from overseas about how to be safe in the sun. It will help students reflect on their learning and they will be able to see a summary of their class' results if they were registered in class groups by their school. This will provide a good starting point for discussion.
Lesson 9: Your Thinking Time Students are asked to think back on the lessons covered in this course and to identify some things they have learnt. They have to type some brief points in text boxes to complete this activity.
Lesson 10: Fun Things and Links This lesson includes activities that will help reinforce and build upon the lessons. There is a chance to show what they would wear to the beach or pool, a code to crack and some more time activities. The time activities are on the Beat the Clock website, which is external to Planet ThinkSafe.
Lesson 11: Online Intro Quiz Four different styles of questioning are used in this 10-question quiz. Feedback is given at the end of the quiz, helping students use it as assessment for learning. They can repeat the quiz and the best score will be recorded.

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