Lower Primary

Online Learning Intro - LP

This course has seven lessons, plus a News section. The news has instructions on how to get started.

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Lesson 1: Ready, Set, Go! A 2-page lesson that explains to students how to scroll and navigate around PTS - and beyond. It's the same as for other websites so it gives students an easy introduction.
Lesson 2: What do you know? A short multiple choice quiz that is an introduction to this type of online activity. There are 5 questions, which are marked automatically, with immediate feedback given.
Lesson 3: Special Events A 3-page lesson that introduces students to the calendar in PTS and its different views. The calendar is a Moodle feature and hyperlinks within it are highlighted.
Lesson 4: Things to Do A 5-page lesson that introduces students to some online learning strategies. Using a theme of 'Wool', information is given as text and in a 2-minute video. Questions in different formats are asked at appropriate intervals to reinforce content and assist with assessment for learning.
Lesson 5: Be a Detective Students are asked one main question: How important is wool? There are two sub-questions that will help them make a more informed decision, based on items they have at home or school.  Some adult assistance may be necessary, to guide and discuss.
Lesson 6: Think Back and Check A 4-page lesson that gives students the chance to review and reflect on some of the main content in this course. Some reminders are given, including the importance of asking teachers or parents before using devices that are connected to the Internet and the importance of remembering usernames and passwords - and not telling others.
Lesson 7: Final Quiz The ten questions in this quiz are a mixture of multiple choice and true/false. Feedback is given at the end of the quiz, helping students use it as assessment for learning. They can repeat the quiz and the best score will be recorded.

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