Lower Primary

Lower Primary courses are aimed at Year 1 and 2 students.

Planet ThinkSafe (PTS) attempts to provide instruction and content so that most students will be able to complete most activities independently. However, this will depend on their reading skills and whether or not Text To Speech software is used to assist them. Students will certainly need some guidance/assistance in some lessons. Teachers are strongly encouraged to engage their students in conversation about their learning and assessments to identify areas that will need explicit teaching to deepen understanding.

PTS recommends that Text to Speech (TTS) software is made available for Lower Primary students to use as required. Google's Speak It is suggested, but students must use Google Chrome for this to work. Speak It can be used to read any Internet page (when using Chrome) so it has the potential to assist other learning activities as well. 

As an alternative, a different TTS plugin has been built into sections of PTS wherever possible. However, its reliability does depend on factors such as the browser being used and Internet speed.