Other Safety Aspects

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There are a large number of useful resources for teachers and students on other websites and this section is dedicated to providing links to as many of these as possible in an easily accessible place.

PTS users are encouraged to forward websites by email, with a brief summary that includes:

  • web address:
  • recommended age/s:
  • safety aspect:
Print Email the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator.
PDF documents that focus on ThinkSafe SAM's steps are provided below for some topics that have not had courses developed as yet. Teachers are encouraged to use the PDF documents as a starting point, and use the blank template that is also provided to adapt them to suit the age and environment of the students. 
  • SAM's Steps to Hazards - Blank template:
MS Word Version PDF Version
  • At Home:
General Safety  Bathroom  Kitchen
  • At School
Classroom Verandahs and Corridors