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There are a lot of fun things to do on the Internet that will help you learn more about sun protection and being SunSmart. All you need to do is click on the links below. Make sure know how long you can use the computer as others may need a turn. You should also stand up and stretch or walk around about every 30 minutes. If you find great activities that have not been included, please talk to your teacher or parents and ask if you can email the link to Planet ThinkSafe.

Print this page.

Email the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator.

Sausage Experiment

Here is your chance to experiment with sunscreen and lots of other things to see what happens to 'skin'. In this case, it is the skin of sausages! Make sure you get help from a your teacher or a parent and do the experiment when the UV is very high or more for the best results. Click here for a recording sheet. You will need to print it.

Skin Song

Alan Caswell has generously allowed Cancer Council Australia and SunSmart to share this song with schools and services for free and this link takes you to the SunSmart page. We are very grateful for his support. This upbeat song has a focus on tolerance (and sun protection!). You will need to download the song - if it has not been done already. Check with your teacher at school and your parents at home.

Stop The Clock

Stop the Clock  is on the Oswego City District, new York, USA, website. It provides students with activities at different levels in which they have to match the digital time with the analogue time. You need to scroll down the page as the links are towards the bottom.