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There are a lot of fun things to do on the Internet that will help you learn more about sun protection and being SunSmart. All you need to do is click on the links below. Make sure know how long you can use the computer as others may need a turn. You should also stand up and stretch or walk around about every 30 minutes. If you find great activities that have not been included, please talk to your teacher or parents and ask if you can email the link to Planet ThinkSafe.
Print this page. Email the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator.

Generation SunSmart

Register and log into Generation SunSmart, a website provided by Cancer Council WA, for some great fun and interactive sun protection activities. 

My UV website

The forecast and current UV levels are in the one place with this website, along with helpful information about UV. It even includes links to download SunSmart Apps for your mobile phone!

Sunscreen Calculator

Do you know how much sunscreen to put on before going in the sun? Do you put on enough? The Sunscreen Calculator, provided by SunSmart, Cancer Council Victoria, is very helpful.

SunSmart Millionaire

SunSmart Millionaire is a game based resource developed by the Centre for Learning Innovation for the NSW Department of Education.

Stop The Clock

Stop the Clock  is on the Oswego City District, new York, USA, website. It provides students with activities at different levels in which they have to match the digital time with the analogue time. You need to scroll down the page as the links are towards the bottom.