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Cancer Council WA - Generation SunSmart

This educational resource has been designed for early childhood, primary and secondary teachers, school health nurses and school students in Years 5 to 10 by Cancer Council Western Australia.

Cancer Council WA

As well as factual information about skin and other cancers, this website has information and details of how to become a SunSmart School.

Cancer Council Victoria 

This SunSmart website has additional information and links, including 'Fun and free interactive whiteboard lessons for primary schools' and free resources to download. There is the opportunity to do comparisons with Western Australia, particularly in relation to the UV Index, due to differences such as daylight saving and latitude.

Cancer Council Australia

This is the website for the National Cancer Council body. Whilst a lot of the information is the same as available on the state websites, this is useful because of the number and ease of using links provided at the bottom of the page. SunSmart position statements, SunSmart Schools, Vitamin D and online shop are examples of topics with links.

Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meterology (BOM) provides daily UV forecasts for cities and towns around WA and other states, information about the UV Index and links to other relevant sites.  

My UV - Cancer Council WA

As well as providing forecast UV levels for cities and towns around the country, with the current UV level for Perth being a feature of the website banner, it provides important information and relevant links about UV that are easy to follow.

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) website has extnesive information and links related to UV radiation, including UV Data, UV Resources Guide and UV Protection Factor testing (Our Services tab). Also on the ARPANSA website is a very useful educational fact sheet that is free to download.

Sausage experiment

This simple but very effective experiment from SunSmart and Cancer Council Victoria uses sausages, sunscreen and other things to show what happens to 'skin'. It is best done when the UV is high or above. This experiment is included on the useful links page for Middle Primary students as well. It is recommended that teachers discuss with students when this experiment should be completed to avoid repetition and possibly reduce its impact. Click here for a recording sheet.

Skin Cancer and Outdoor Workers Booklet: A Guide for Employers

This booklet contains a lot of excellent information that can be used as background knowledge and for developing sun protection policies.