Useful Links Introduction

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This section has been organised into chapters, with a new chapter for each course in Planet ThinkSafe (PTS). There is also a chapter for useful websites that do not currently link to a course.There are sub-chapters for each of the PTS users: teachers, and upper, middle and lower primary students. Use the links above or the Table of Contents on the right of this page to navigate around the Useful Links. 

The Useful Links chapters are not linked to the PTS courses. You need to have registered and logged in to access the courses.

Whenever you click on a link to an external website, it will open in a new window. Users are encouraged to forward recommendations of other useful sites, resources and feedback. In particular, PTS would appreciate being advised of any broken links.


Email the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator.

Australian Curriculum

For all information relating to the Australian Curriculum, this is the site to refer to. Developed by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), it has a link to ACARA and Education Services Australia (ESA) websites. This will open in a new window as it is an external website.
Online Learning For teachers, these useful links will take you to companies and agencies with experience in online learning or related areas that have been used by, or recommended to, Planet ThinkSafe.
Being SunSmart There is a wealth of background information aimed mainly at teachers, but also several sites with online activities for children. There is something for children of all primary school ages.
Puffin Web Browser A lot of interactive and game websites use Flash software. This is not supported by Internet browsers for some devices, particularly Apple devices (iPads and iPhones). Puffin Web Browser is compatible with Apple and Android devices. There is a free download for both.
Text to Speech The use of text to speech software may be a useful learning aid for some students. There are a number of free options available on the Internet, but the one that PTS has found best to date is Google Chrome's SpeakIt. You need to use Google Chrome as your web browser. An alternative that is compatible with Moodle has been included on as many pages of PTS as possible, but its reliability does vary according to Internet speed and the browser used.
First Aid

First Aid Focus Program: "St John Ambulance believes every child in Western Australia should have access to vital first aid knowledge.

First Aid Focus is a FREE school program that provides first aid training to more than 65,000 students across WA each year. This community youth initiative teaches school students of all ages basic first aid skills." St John Ambulance website, Dec 2013;

Kidsafe WA Kidsafe is a "non-government, not-for-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries." Kidsafe website, September 2013. It is a great source of information for teachers and parents and also has some interactive learning activities for children.