• Welcome to the home of ThinkSafe SAM!

    The purpose of Planet ThinkSafe is to help Primary School children develop a positive attitude towards, and the skills to be, safe at school, home and in the community.

    Planet ThinkSafe has been to organised into three levels: Lower, Middle and Upper Primary. Each level has free topic-based courses that align with the Australian curriculum across several learning areas. Further information is available via the links on the top navigation bar or from the Planet ThinkSafe Coordinator.

    Students need to register first, then login each time to complete the courses and learning activities.  

    Teachers are encouraged to register their school/class to support, monitor and assess students' progress. 

    Visit Planet Thinksafe regularly as helpful links and courses will be added as they become available.

  • Hi, I'm ThinkSafe SAM.

    SAM is an acronym that tells you what you can do to be safer on your planet. See the message below.

    Spot the hazard

    Assess the risk

    Make the changes.

    Oh, and remember to check: Did the changes work?

    These online courses will give you ideas of things to do at school, home and in the community to help be safe. Enjoy the activities!

    You will need to talk with teachers and parents too, as they also know a lot about being safe on your planet.

    ThinkSafe SAM